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Hey you, Science or Engineering Student!

Hybridi welcomes you warmly to study science and engineering at the University of Turku! We are the umbrella organization for the 8 different student organizations in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The purpose of Hybridi is to maintain and improve the interests and cooperation of these organizations, but also to take care of the relations to Student Union (TYY), its branch organizations and the student members in different boards of the faculty.

For you, as an exchange or a master’s degree student, we have a great recommendation: Join the student organization of your own field of study! This way you will integrate well into the Finnish student life, get valuable contacts and friends, get the real overalls, and have some life alongside your studies. See below for the list of the fields of study and the organizations with their general contact information. They all have different benefits and events for their members and the membership fee is usually very cheap. You should definitely contact yours and see what they have to offer for you!